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Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Tracking Requirements

Getting Started

To start tracking requirements for your camp, you'll want to enter the actual requirements that you plan to teach at your camp under the corresponding class types. Tentaroo comes with a list of requirements for many merit badges; however, a customized list of requirements will streamline your process at camp when tracking the requirement completion status for each class and camper.

Keep in mind that the printable instructor class roster has 23 columns for entering requirements. If you plan to use this report to track requirements, you'll want to remove requirements that you don't teach and possibly even combine requirements that you teach at the same time to get the number of requirements down to 23.

For more information about customizing the list of requirements see the Managing Class Types section.

Instructor Class Roster

The instructor class roster can be used to help track attendance and requirements completed during your classes. To generate this roster, go to an event, then click on the Reports tab.

Then, click on the Instructor Class Roster button. A PDF report will be generated with all scheduled classes and all of your participants.

You'll see that there's a row for participant in the class. There are columns for attendance and columns for each requirement listed for the class type. These class rosters can be distributed to your instructors for each class then gathered at the end of your event to be entered into Tentaroo. You may also consider entering this information into Tentaroo more than once during your event. By entering this information mid way through your event your groups could generate reports to see the status of their campers so far.

If you need to reprint the report for one of your classes, use the PDF search tool to find the class. Then, just print that page.

Entering Requirements

When you're ready to enter requirements completed, go to your event, then click on the Classes tab. Select the class you want to enter requirements for.

For combination classes, you'll want to click on each included class individually to enter the requirements completed.

Also, if unscheduled classes are added to any participant's schedule, a corresponding class will be created in this list with a hyphen in the Time Block column. A hyphen in this field indicates that the class is unscheduled. Unscheduled classes can't be edited since they aren't actually classes in the schedule; however, you can enter requirements completed by selecting the class.

In this example, I'm going to select the Archeology class in time block 2 (9 am).

Once you've selected the class, click Enter Requirements Completed.

The first section in the upper left allows you to update all participants with a new Completion Status, Attendance, or Requirements. First, set the completion status. Using the drop down menu, choose the completion status that most participants should have. For example, if most participants have a partial because of pre-requisites, leave the status set to Partial. If most participants completed the class, set the status to Completed. Then, go through the listing of participants individually to set the actual completion status for each participant. When using the next two tools to set attendance and requirements completed for all campers, any participant with the completion status of No Show will be skipped. Only participants set to partial are completed are included in the next steps.

The completion status is especially important for blue cards because a lot more information is filled in on cards for classes that have been marked as completed. Even if you add all of the requirements to the completion record, the status of the class won't automatically change to "Complete." The system doesn't automatically change the status because the merit badge might not be complete if there are other prerequisites that you've removed from the list of requirements.

Next, if most participants attended class on Monday, check the M box under Attendance. This sets every participant who is not a No Show as attended for Monday. Repeat for each day, then go through the individual participants and add/remove attendance as necessary. The checkboxes under the main Attendance section will also visually show what the attendance status is for the individual participants. If all participants (other than No Show participants) have attended for a given day, the checkbox for that day will be checked. If some participants attended and some haven't, the checkbox will be grey, and if none of the participants attended the checkbox will be unchecked. A grey checkbox indicates that it's neither checked nor unchecked.

Once you've entered the attendance your screen should look more like this.

You'll see that I also filled in my name and initials in the upper right under Instructor Name. If you want to be able to print blue cards please fill this section out as well so that the completed requirements can be signed and the instructors name can be filled out if the class is completed.

Next, let's enter the requirements that have been completed. If most participants completed requirement 1, click on the 1 button under Requirements. Repeat this for each requirement, then go through the individual participants and add/remove requirements as necessary.

To add or remove requirements from individual participants, just edit the text directly in the text field for requirements on each row. The Fill button can be used to fill the row with all requirements, while the Clear button clears the requirements for the row. Be sure to enter which requirements were completed - even if the entire merit badge has been completed. This way the system will know which requirements to mark as completed on the blue cards.

The requirements entered should be a list of requirements separated by commas. Other than that, there are no special requirements for the formatting of requirements. You can actually type in anything that you want in the requirements completed box. However, keep in mind that if you or the group chooses to generate blue cards at any point in the future, the listing of requirements completed will need to be a simple list such as 1a, 1b, 2, 3c, 4, 5. The system will then understand how to display the requirements on the blue card.

When you're done, click Update Requirements Completed.

Final Reports

Once you've entered the completed requirements you can generate reports to list the completed requirements. These reports can be generated at any time by either you or the group. Groups may login at any time, during camp or even years later to pull records or generate blue cards. Tentaroo has some requirements completed on file from as far back as 2002. Tentaroo maintains all data entered indefinitely for your reference and safe keeping.

There are several reports that are available that show the completed requirements. Each report I'll cover here is under the event in the Reports tab. Groups also have access to most of these reports from their area of the system but the reports are the same so I won't be covering that here.

To get started, go back to the Reports tab under the event.

The first reports I'll mention are the Camper Class Schedules and Group Class Schedules. These are typically used before camp and at camp to provide groups with their schedules. The camper class schedule is the same as the group class schedule except that an extra page break is added after each participant. After requirements have been entered into Tentaroo, they'll actually show up on these reports as well as other reports that are designed specifically for requirements.

Next, click on the PDF version of the Requirements Completed report.

As in the Class Schedules reports, the attendance and requirement completion records are shown next to each class.

This report also includes a message at the bottom to indicate that this report can be used in lieu of blue cards, as seen here:

Most councils and units will accept this version of the requirements completed report in lieu of blue cards. Some councils and units do still require blue cards and for those groups you can generate and/or print blue cards. However, by using this requirements completed report for most groups you'll save a lot of paper.

Now let's look at the Excel version of this report. Click on Export Excel next to Requirements Completed. This will generate a CSV export that can be viewed in Excel or any spreadsheet application.

The attendance and requirements completed records are generated for each participant in each group.

The next report allows you to generate blue cards for your groups. For groups that want blue cards you can generate them and print the blue cards for the group, or the group can buy some blue paper and login at any time later to print the blue cards themselves.

The following conditions must be met for a blue card to be generated:

  1. The registrant must be a youth camper, not an adult leader.

  2. The camper's class must be marked as Partial or Complete - cards are not printed for No-Show campers.

  3. The class must be marked as a Merit Badge in the system (see Class Types in Options)

  4. The camper must be a Boy Scout (some events are also for Cub Scouts or non-Scouters)

A blue card will be generated even if no requirements are entered as completed.

Blue cards are generated on a per-group basis as they can take the system longer to create. You'll want to generate both the front and back of the cards for each group you want to print. To generate this report, start typing in the name of a group under Blue Cards. This is an autocomplete field so the system will list the matching groups for you to choose from.

Once you've chosen the group, click the Front button. Once the report is generate for the front of the cards, you can save it and/or print it, then click the Back button to generate the backs of the cards.

This is what the fronts look like:

Any requirements that are completed are initialled.

This is the back:

The first card is a partial so the instructor name and contact information is left blank. The next card is completed, so the card also includes the instructor name, contact information, signature and date completed.