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Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Registering For Events

Registration Estimates

This section will often refer to what we call Registration Estimates. Some events will use them, and some will not. Basically, Registration Estimates refers to whether the event registration is made at the group level as an overall Estimate of who is coming OR at the individual level as individuals are added to the event. If you're not yet familiar with Registration Estimates, please refer to the Adding New Events section for more information.

When a group logs into the system, the events that are available are listed on the Home tab.

Event types and locations with facilities for rent are shown in bold. Specific event registrations are shown below the event type and trips are shown below the corresponding camp location for facility rentals.

Specific event registrations are only shown if the event uses Registration Estimates. For other events, simply click on the event type then use the Event Registration tab to manage the participants. Events that do use Registration Estimates will only display the participants for a specific event under the Event Registration tab. For events that don't use Registration Estimates, all registered participants for all events (of the same event type) are shown under the Event Registration tab. Examples of each of these possibilities are shown below.

Using Estimates

For events that use registration estimates, a registration is made for the event and shown under the event type on the Home tab. Details of their registration are then shown when that registration is selected, including the total number of participants in the estimate and any amounts due. This is also where the group can add a payment to their cart towards any balance.

Below the breakdown of their registration is their registration status, which will tell the group whether or not individual participants and class registrations can be added yet.

Here are some examples of registrations statuses that can be shown:

  • Registration has not yet started for this event.
  • Registration has ended for this event. Any additional changes to campers, leaders or class schedules will need to be made once you arrive at camp.
  • Please pay your deposit in full before adding campers or leaders. If you have any payments in your cart, please checkout for them to take effect.

Specific to events that allow the number of effectively paid participants to be added:

  • Please pay your balance ($10.00) before adding any additional campers or leaders.
    This can happen if the payments that are currently applied to the registration are not enough to cover the participants that have been added. This could happen if, for example, payments have been reapplied by an admin (camp or council level) user or if participants were added to early by an admin user.
  • Campers: 0 added out of 5, Leaders: 1 added out of 2.
    This compares the number of participants that have been added to the registration estimates.
  • New Camper/Leader - You have already met your registration totals.
    New Camper/Leader - You may now sign-up another camper.
    New Camper/Leader - Please pay an additional $10.00 to add another camper/leader.

    These messages are shown if you're allowing the addition of effectively paid participants.

Specific to events that use overall percentages and/or discounts to open registration:

  • Additional payments are necessary towards the registration balance to enable registration. Please pay at least 80% of your registration fees before adding campers or leaders.
  • Registration is now open. The maximum number of campers have been added. 3 leaders have been added out of 5 registered leaders.
    If using an overall percentage and/or deposit to open registration, message like this will be shown when those requirements have been met.

To add or update a group's registration, go to the specific event under the Events tab. Hover over the Events tab, choose the event type and then choose the event.

Click on the Registrations tab under the event. Then, either click on a registration to view/update or click the New button to create a new registration.

In this case, we'll click on the New button.

Choose the group you want to add a registration for and click Create Registration. You can filter the listing of groups to make it easier to find the group if you have a long list of groups in your system.

You can now setup the registration for this group. You'll want to verify their campsite deposit, and override this as necessary for this group's registration. You can choose a campsite, and click the Multiple checkbox if the group will be in more than one campsite. If this is checked, the campsite field becomes the default campsite for the participants and each row of participants in the estimate will get its own Campsite field.

The campsite(s) that you select will appear when the group logs in (on their Home tab), on the Group Check-In report, and in the Campsite Management section (the Campsites tab) under your event.

Enter any notes you have in the Notes field or the Group Notes field. The Notes field is for your reference only. Any registrations with notes in this field will have an icon next to them in the listing of registrations which you can hover over to quickly view. These notes will also appear in Excel exports that groups don't have access to.

Also, registration rows that are highlighted in red indicate that no payments have been entered towards that registration.

The Group notes field is visible to groups for their information. These notes will appear on the invoices that are sent to groups.

You can now enter any number of campers at different prices and leaders at different prices. Since we checked the Multiple checkbox, we'll also set a Campsite.

If this estimate is reduced after payments have already been made, the system will automatically remove any overpayment from the group's registration. Any removed payments will stay on the group's account as a credit, you can then leave the credit there to be applied to something else or remove it with a refund. More information about credits can be found in the payments & orders section.

When you're done, just save your changes and the registration is active. If the registration is already open under the group, you'll want to refresh it to load the updated numbers.

If you've just added a new registration and the group is already open under the Groups/Units tab, you may need to click on another group or the New Group button, then click back onto the original group to completely reload the group and the new list of events.

Now let's look at another type of event on a group's Home tab.

Some events will use registration estimates but allow the group to manage their own estimate. In this case, clicking on the event type on the Home tab will show a button for the group to specify how many participants will be coming.

NOTE: Please contact Tentaroo if you want to use this type of event. The option to enable this in the system is not currently available so we'll need to enable it for you. Currently, events that use Registration Estimates don't allow groups to change their registration unless Tentaroo staff has allowed this in the backend. We'll be giving you access to this option by the first quarter of 2014.

This particular event type was configured to not use individual registrations at all. You'll see that the Your Roster and Event Registration tabs aren't shown when viewing the event type or any event registrations below it.

In this case, the breakdown of a specific registration will look somewhat different. If groups are making changes to their estimate, the changes are added to the cart along with the minimum payments required for those changes. The breakdown now shows their currently finalized registration, as well as the new numbers that will take effect once they checkout.

By clicking on the Change Registration button, the group can update the number of participants who will be attending. This event was configured to let groups add to their finalized numbers but never reduce, so once they checkout those numbers will be finalized and not changeable by the group. This event was also configured to require in full for any pending changes before those changes to the registration can be finalized.

For events that use estimates and also allow groups to change their own estimates, there are two places where camp or council users can change a group's registration. First, you can make the changes under the event under the group. This may require payments up front for any changes and you'll need to check out to finalize changes whether or not a payment is required. If the group already has other items in their cart, you might not want to change their registration in this way as you'll need to checkout the entire cart for the change to take effect.

The other way would be to go into the backend, under the event and then the Registrations tab. This is the method you would always use if you're not allowing groups to change their numbers. This section will not allow you to make any changes to the registration numbers if the group already has their own changes in their cart. You'll need to either remove the changes from their cart or checkout in order to make further changes under the Registrations tab.

Let's go back to the summer camp event. This event does expect that the individual participants be added so the Your Roster and Event Registration tabs are shown. We'll discuss these tabs after the next section called Without Estimates.

Without Estimates

If your event does not use Registration Estimates, the Home tab for the event does not show the registration breakdown as registrations are made as individual participants are added.

Also, all event registrations for all events of this type are shown under the Event Registration tab. Since all of the registered participants are shown, there is no need to have the different events on the Home tab and groups will simply click on the event type to start working with any event of that type.

Your Roster

The Your Roster tab allows the group to manage all of the youth and adults who may be signed up for events. The roster is shared between all events and is used in a similar way regardless of whether or not the event uses Registration Estimates.

The roster may show and/or require different fields depending on the type of event being viewed. If a required field for one event is not shown or required for another event, then the system may require the group to update the participant in the roster to complete the additional field before creating an event registration. Groups may want to go through their roster under the event first to make sure that all appropriate fields are completed and up to date before adding participants to their event registration.

The same roster can be used over time for many different events, allowing groups to enter the information once and then simply update it as necessary. Deleting a camper or leader from the roster will NOT affect any registrations that that camper or leader already has for any events. Making changes to campers or leaders in the roster WILL affect all corresponding registrations.

The leaders portion of the roster may be hidden if leader registrations aren't being used in the current event.

Event Registration

If the event uses Registration Estimates, just the names of the participants will be shown as all participants are in the same event.

If Registration Estimates are not used, the event is also shown under the name of each participant.

To add a new participant, click on New Camper or New Leader. Then choose the participant that you want to register. If you have a long list of participants, just type a few letters of the participant's name you're trying to find.

Then, click Create Registration. The fields that are shown here will also depend on the settings for the event type. For example, some event types might show and/or require emergency contact information. Some fields, like the notes or emergency contact information, can be updated right in the event registration. Others will need to be changed in the Roster. To jump to the correct participant in the roster, just click the Edit Camper or Edit Leader button. You can then make any changes you need to and then click on the Event Registration tab to get right back where you were.

Another field that is shown or hidden based on the type of event is the Event field. In this case, Registration Estimates are used so there is no need for an Event field.

If we go over to the Day Camp event type for a moment, we'll see the Event field. The Day Camp event does not use Registration Estimates so we need to know which event this participant will be registered for.

The Event field is a drop down menu for new registrations that shows all available events with their names, dates and current pricing. Once the registration is saved, the event field just shows the name and date of the selected event. This is the same name and date that are shown under the participants name in the list to the left.

In either case, when you're done, click Save Camper, Add to Cart. All new participants in the Event Registration tab are added to the cart. Their registration is not finalized until the cart is checked out. If the cart is emptied or the corresponding cart item is removed, the participant's event registration is also removed.

Scheduling Classes

Once the participant is added to the cart, the system will automatically go to the Classes tab under the participant's registration. This will only happen if the event has classes.

Tentaroo has a very powerful yet easy to use class scheduling system. Only the classes with seats that are still available are shown. Times and/or time blocks are shown according to your settings in the event. To start scheduling, simply drag and drop classes from the available classes on the right to the current schedule on the left.

There are several icons that are shown on some classes to display additional information. If a class has a description, the icon that is a blue circle with a question mark is shown. To view the description, hover your mouse over the icon. If there is a minimum age for the class, the icon that is an orange asterisk is shown that gives the minimum age that's required. Finally, if there are any fees for the class, the icon that is a dollar sign is shown that gives more information about the fees and when they are due.

The first class added here is part of a combination class so both classes were moved over together. The system never allows conflicts in the class schedules; however, if two classes are taught in combination then both are scheduled at the same time.

You'll see that only classes that don't conflict with the current schedule are shown. When classes are added or removed, the list of available classes immediately changes to list all classes that are available and don't conflict with the new schedule.

The View All Classes button in the upper right will open a pop-up that lists all classes, the number of seats available, and descriptions or any other information that has been entered for the classes.

When you're done scheduling classes, the listing of available classes becomes empty. At this point, if you want to find a class you can either use the View All Classes button or you can check the Include Conflicting checkbox in the lower right. When this option is selected, all classes with available seats are shown, regardless of whether or not they conflict with the current schedule. You can then filter the list to find the class that you want.

If one of these classes is dragged to the current schedule, the system will first remove any classes that the new class conflicts with and then add the new class. Again, there should never be a conflict in the class schedules.

At this point, click the Save Camper, Add Changes to Cart button. This will add all of the selected classes to the cart. If the participant had previously finalized classes that were removed, these will also be added to the cart as removed classes. Any classes added or removed will only be finalized after checking out.

If the camper does not meet the age requirements for any of the classes, the system will show a warning. If a group is using the system, they will be required to remove that class before they'll be able to save their changes. If you are a camp or council user, the system will show you the warning but save the schedule anyway.

The cart will now show the new camper and the class changes. Since the event is using Registration Estimates, participants are not billed individually so the item in the cart for adding the participant's registration is $0.00. Also, none of the classes added had class fees due online so their cost is also $0.00. Even though the cost may be $0, the items are still added to the cart and won't take effect until checkout.

You can checkout at any time; however, it is recommended that you checkout as often as possible as class seats are only finalized and reserved once you've checked out. This means that if one seat is available in a class, whichever group finalizes their registration first will get the seat. If you try to checkout and the seat is no longer available, a report will be shown listing which participants are in which classes that are now full. The system will then require that you change the affected schedules before checking out.

Additional participants can be added back on the Event Registration tab. Class schedules for the participants can be changed at any time, except that groups cannot make changes to registrations or classes when it's too close to the date of the event.

You'll see that there is now a cart icon next to the participant we just added, Shelly Masters. The cart icon is shown if the participant's registration is still in the cart OR if there are any class changes in the cart (additions and/or removals). You'll also see that there is a cart with a red x in it next to Test Camper. Any participant registrations that were previously finalized are not deleted immediately. Rather, the registration deletion is added to the cart and the registration is only removed after checking out.

These cart icons are an easy way to see if you have any unsaved changes. Please remember to checkout regularly to reserve your class seats.

Once you checkout, the changes are finalized. Contacts both at the council and the group will receive a copy of the receipt. Here's an example receipt from this order.

Let's go back to the classes tab under Shelly's event registration. There are two buttons under this event that will display the finalized schedules for printing. The first is under the Classes tab for a specific participant. Clicking on the View Schedule button in the upper right will open a report that shows the schedule for just the current participant.

Keep in mind that this report ONLY shows class registrations that are saved and finalized. The schedule shown here might not match the schedule under the Classes tab if some class additions/ removals are still in the cart. If there is a cart symbol next to the name of the participant, this report will mostly likely not match what's shown under the Classes tab.

After the event, this report will also show attendance information and requirement completion information. Most councils will accept these reports in lieu of blue cards. The Tentaroo system also supports blue card printing but this simple report can be easier to work with and it saves a lot of paper. These reports can be generated at any time, even years later.

The other report I'll mention now is just above the listing of participants on the left, called View Schedules. Clicking on this button will generate the same report but for all participants. Campers, or youth participants, are shown first, then leaders.

In this example, the event uses Registration Estimates so participants from just one event are listed. If this report is run for an event type that doesn't use estimates, all participants for all events in the current event type will be shown and the report will have an extra column to list the specific event each participant is registered for.

There is one more option that is available to camp or council users with class scheduling. Back on the Classes tab, you'll find a button in the lower right corner called Add Unscheduled.

When this button is clicked, a pop-up is shown that lets you add an unscheduled class of any type to the camper's schedule. All class types are shown, whether or not they're scheduled at all in the current event. This allows you to add any class at all to a camper's schedule and track the requirements they completed towards that class. To find a class to add, start typing the class' name to quickly filter the listing of class types.

Then click Add Class once you've selected the class to add. The new class appears in the listing of classes. A dash is displayed where the time and/or time block would normally be shown.

Again, remember to save and checkout to finalize this change. Even unscheduled classes are first added to the cart.

Switching Events

If you're on the Home tab, simply click on the event or event type that you want to work with.

If you're on any other tab, you'll find a Select Event menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

This is a drop down menu that shows the same listing of event types, event registrations, facility locations and trips that are shown on the Home tab. To switch to a different event or facility, you can choose it here without needing to go back to the Home tab.

You can also click the Refresh button which will reload the roster and listing of registered participants for the currently selected event.