About Tentaroo

Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Managing System Options

About System Options

System options are where some of the system-wide settings are set for your system. The only option I'll cover here is the Council Data option. This option allows you to upload data from ScoutNet for your council to provide your units with drop down menus to choose registered scouters to add to their roster.

The system will currently only use the selection to associate the camper or leader in the roster with their BSA ID. This makes it easy to use the reports to verify that all campers and leaders in the system are registered scouters.

NOTE: The option in the system does not use your ScoutNet data to populate your group rosters. If you would like us to import your ScoutNet data, let us know. We can import your ScoutNet data into Tentaroo when you sign up with Tentaroo. However, we do not yet offer an ongoing synchronization with ScoutNet data.

Uploading ScoutNet Data

To get started, go to the main Options tab. Then click on the System Options tab.

Then click on the Upload New Data button.

A pop-up will displayed allowing you to upload a CSV file with the ScoutNet data. The only fields that are currently supported are: BSA ID, Unit, First Name, Last Name, MI, Suffix.

Once you choose the CSV file to upload, click Upload Council. You'll then be asked to match up the names of the fields in the file you uploaded with the fields that can be imported. Then, once you're done with that the data will be imported into the database to populate the BSA ID drop down menus.

To show the BSA ID menus you'll need to enable the BSA ID fields under the event type.