About Tentaroo

Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Managing Products

About Products

The Products tab in Tentaroo allows groups to add products to their cart alongside their event registrations and facility reservations. Tentaroo currently supports a basic product selling system; however, many more features are on the way including the ability to associate products with events, as well as product categories and attributes.

Adding A Product

To get started, go to the main Products tab. In this example, I've clicked on an example product.

You can set the Name, Amount and Description for each product. You can also upload an image for the product.

If you have at least one product in your Tentaroo system, groups will see a Product tab in their interface.

The Product tab under a group shows two columns of products. Each product has a button to choose a quantity and add it to the group's cart.

As you can see, camp and council users can also override the price for the product so that the product is added at a different price to the cart.

Once the order is finalized, the product order will be listed in the payment reports as well as a report specific to product orders under each event. For more information, refer to the Event Reports section.