About Tentaroo

Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Managing Groups

About Groups

Accounts for your campers are called Groups. A group can be a family, unit, provisional unit or other type of end user in your system. All payments, event registrations or facility reservations in Tentaroo are associated with a group.

Adding A Group

One of the first things you'll want to do is create accounts in the system for the groups who will be using the system.

In some cases, you might not need to manually add group accounts to the system:

  • When you first sign up with Tentaroo, you can provide us with data from ScoutNet for an initial import. We can import your in-council units as well as the youth and adults who are registered in those units.
  • Some groups might already have an account that was made for a different event.
  • Depending on the type of event, you may choose to let groups make their own accounts. Tentaroo allows groups to make their own account if you have any events or facilities that allow groups to self-register. For a group to make their own account they'll need to sign up and then verify their e-mail address.

To make a new group account, hover over the Groups/Units tab and choose the New Group option in the pop-up. Alternatively, if you're already on the Groups tab you can click the Cancel button under the Profile to start a new group.

You'll then see a blank group profile. Once you've filled out the form, save the group by clicking on the Save Profile button. You'll now be able to access the other tabs under the group.

You'll want to enter the contact information for the group as well as what pricing tier they should be in and any other relevant details. To learn more about pricing tiers (also called pricing types), see the section relating to the Pricing tab under events.

This is also where you can set a username and password for the group's login. If the group forgets this, they get their login information sent to their e-mail address. Usernames must be unique. A green checkbox will appear next to the username if it is available.

You may also want to click the E-mail Login button on the Profile tab to send the group's username and password to them. The standard notification e-mail also includes the link for the group to login and some basic information about getting started.

Finding Groups

To see a listing of all of your groups, hover your mouse over the Groups/Units button in Tentaroo.

You may filter this list to quickly find a group to work with. Several fields are searched at once with the filter - the group name, contact name, group e-mail address and group username. Anything typed in the filter input will automatically find groups that have a match in ANY of those fields. For example, it's now easy to find a group by e-mail address by typing in part of their primary e-mail address. Clicking on a group will load the group and the most recent event registration.

Alternatively, if you want to search by individuals who are registered for an event you can select the option to view Participants in the Groups/Units menu. Then select the type of event and event year that the participant is registered for. In this mode, you'll view all of the campers/leaders who have registered for a given Event Type during a given year. Participants are included even if they haven't been fully added yet, i.e., still in the cart. You can then type in part of their name or their group name to find them. Once a participant is selected, the system loads their group, their associated event, and finally their registration giving you easy access to make any changes or print their schedule.

Once you've selected a group to work with by either method, the group will be loaded.

What Groups See

When groups login, they'll see everything starting with the Home tab and below. This is the group's part of the system where they can manage their event registrations, add payments, manage class schedules for campers and print reports.

The tabs at the top of their screen will change based on what the group is viewing. For example, if you're viewing a week of summer camp, there will be tabs for the group's roster and event registration. When managing an off-season trip to camp, there will be a tab for the facility reservations within the current trip.

The first tab is called Home. This is where units can see all of the types of events and facilities for each camp property. Contact information for the camp, council and event is also shown as well as links to instructions and any leader's guide or website for the event. Also, below the listing of events there is a button to view basic instructions for using the system. These instructions will look different depending on what the group is viewing. There's also a button for submitting feedback to Tentaroo. Any feedback that is non-technical is forwarded on to you.

The next tab is the Profile tab where the main group profile can be viewed or updated.

For more details about the group profile, refer to the section above on Adding A Group.