About Tentaroo

Tentaroo is the industry leading camp and event management system designed from the ground up for Boy Scout camps. Tentaroo currently supports events and facilities and we're working on adding websites for 2014.

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Easy Friendly Interface

Tentaroo is easy to navigate and use for camps, councils and units. Our goal is to understand you and your camp even better than you do, so we can provide a cohesive, intelligent solution that will just make sense for you and all of your users.

Facilities Management

Tentaroo now includes a brand new module for facility reservations! This module includes industry leading tools to find and reserve available facilities. Pricing is $2 or 2% per reservation, whichever is less.

Blue Cards

You can now print your own blue cards using Tentaroo! All you'll need is some blue paper. Tentaroo is great for tracking requirements completed and storing them for future reference.

Customer Service

Customer service is a priority at Tentaroo. Our clients gave us a 9.2/10 rating! Clients who had a previous vendor gave it a 4/10 rating on customer service.

Customer Service

"Great customer service, prompt responses to concerns and ease of working with you. Never made to feel "stupid" when asking questions that had a simple response/fix."

Managing Admin Users

About Admin Users

Admin users in Tentaroo are user accounts that are not associated with a specific group. Instead, they are system-wide accounts with a greater level of capabilities. Admin users may include users at your camp or council who need to have some level of access in the Tentaroo system.

NOTE: Tentaroo currently supports admin users that have a specified level of access across your entire system. Tentaroo will soon be launching a finer degree of control over these permissions so can configure a given user for specific locations and/or event types.

Adding Admin Users

To get started, go to the main Options tab. Then click on the Admin Users tab.

Start by filling out the E-mail, Password, First Name and Last Name fields. You can also add a phone number but this is optional. Your new user will login with their e-mail address and password.

Next, there's a series of permission levels that can be set for your user. All admin users can view anything in your Tentaroo system. By giving a permission level to a user, that user can also make changes to the corresponding areas of the system.

Allow Manage Camp - This will allow the user to manage admin users, such as updating this account and adding more. They'll be able to give themselves permissions so only give this to users who should have full access. This permission level also gives the user the ability to manage locations, events, pricing for events, event types, facility type attribute options, facility pricing, GL accounts, and system options (the tab under Options). The user can also add refunds and/or convenience fees to the cart (anyone can checkout once they're added), change previous orders, delete previous orders, manage products, manage program areas, and export the reports on the main Reports tab (such as payment reports). This also causes the passwords in groups' profiles to be visible. Otherwise, the user can change the group's password but not view it.

Allow Edit Groups - This allows the user to make changes under groups' Roster and Event Registration tabs. This also allows the user to interact with the groups' Home tabs (for example, adding a payment towards their registration to their cart, the group's Profile tabs, the groups' Cart tabs (for example, changes to items or checking out), the groups' event registrations under the Registrations tab (for events that use registration estimates), and the groups' event registrations under the Home tab (for events where groups can manage their estimates). This also gives the user access to the tools under the Events tab such as generating invoices, increasing pricing and sending messages with the message center.

Allow Edit Class Schedule - This allows the user to make changes to an event's class schedule by adding, removing and changing classes. The user will only be able to make changes to classes in current or future events unless the Allow Edit History permission is also given.

Allow Manage Registrations - This allows the user to make changes to camper and leader class schedules. The user will only be able to make changes to class schedules in current or future events unless the Allow Edit History permission is also given.

Allow Update Requirements Completed - The enables the Enter Requirements Button under classes in your events. This is the section where attendance and class requirement completion records can be entered. This is the permission that would be given to class instructors if they're going to help with data entry. The user will only be able to make changes to attendance and requirements completed in classes that are in current or future events unless the Allow Edit History permission is also given.

Allow Edit History - If allowed to edit class schedules, manage registrations or update requirements completed this selection will allow the user to make the same changes for older events that have already passed.

Allow Facilities - This allows the user to make changes to facilities such as adding new facilities or excursions. This includes managing facilities, facility types and facility blackout dates. This also gives the user access to the facility reports in the main Reports tab.

Allow Facilities Booking - This allows the user to make new reservations under groups and change or remove existing reservations. This also allows the user to make new trips under groups and change trip settings.

Allow Facility Booking Override - This extends the Allow Facilities Booking permission with additional capabilities. Users with this permission may also override pricing for a facility reservation, and set facility reservation date ranges that don't meet the rules for the facility (such as minimum and maximum booking lengths or require entire weekend).

Please let us know if there are other permission levels that would be useful to you. As I mentioned above, we will be adding the ability for these levels to be set on a per location, event type, or facility type basis.